Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy an Altrek product?

We are the manufacturer and do not retail our products. Please contact your plumbing contractor for information on purchasing our products. Most plumbing wholesalers such as Bartle & Gibson, BA Robinson, Cronkhite, Emco, Frontier, Wolseley and Home Hardware & Building Supply Stores carry our product. If they do not currently have stock our typical turnaround is 5-7 days.


What about Warranty?

All ALTREK PRODUCTS are subject to an industry competitive limited warranty. ALTREK INDUSTRIES LTD offers a five (5) year warranty against manufacture defects from date of sale to the original owner on our products. Please see Policies & Warranty for a more extensive description of our warranty policy.


Are the Products C.S.A. Approved?

Product (as Marked) carries the approval of the Canadian Standards Association.


Is Special Plumbing needed?

This product will not require special fittings, most makes of tub and shower faucets are compatible. Extended Waste & Overflows may be required on certain bathtubs. All tubs are PRE-DRILLED for 2" drains and 2 1/2" overflows. All shower stalls and bases are PRE-DRILLED for 3 ¼" drains.


What are the Tub and Shower Options?

  • Non-Slip Bottoms
  • Flange Kits
  • Access Panels
  • Extra Grab Bars


What is the Capacity of ALTREK Bathtubs? (To the Overflow)

Little Dipper 43
Big Dipper 55
Spoiler 65
Austin 90
Double Tub 75
Naturelle 51
Poseidon I 64
Poseidon II 64


Which bathtubs are available with integral Skirts?

  • AF - Little Dipper L/R
  • AF - Monaco L/R
  • AF - Naturelle L/R
  • AF - Nechako L/R
  • AF - Spoiler L/R
  • AF - Chateau L/R

Please see our skirted bathtub section for all our bathtubs available with integral skirts


What extra tasks are involved with a SPLIT unit?

The Split unit comes as 2 separate pieces. Each piece of an Altrek split unit is engineered and created from a separate mold. This ensures that both pieces will fit together and provide smooth, sleek lines for a clean looking finish. It is recommended that a bead of silicone is applied between the two seams prior to being bolted together in order to achieve a perfect leak proof seal.

Altrek SPLIT models are ideal for renovations and basement developments. Our industry leading design, makes ALTREK split / knockdown units the only choice for today’s renovation contractor.

What if we need more info?

Please feel free to contact us for info regarding our products. However, we are unable to provide pricing. Please see your plumber or plumbing wholesaler for pricing.