Whirlpool Systems

Every Altrek Whirlpool system is designed, top to bottom, for the ultimate in whirlpool bathing. That includes the contours of the bath and the position, installation and design of jets.

Our Jets are fully adjustable. You can control the pressure of the incoming water and select the jet direction you prefer. And with our Air control, you may adjust the mixture of air and water. Your massage can be soothing, stimulating and anywhere in between.

Our products are more than just comforting because our products are backed by our company, a company with over 27 years of experience. Trust us to do what we do best.

There's a basic principle behind every Altrek Whirlpool System:  Each bath is a non-conductive, non-corrosive, fully-integrated system. And every part is specifically designed and engineered for its function within that system.

Because we control every step of the manufacturing process, we have complete confidence in the end result. And so will you.


Standard Whirlpool Jetting 


  • 2 Silent Air Controls
  • Ultra Quiet 3/4 HP Motor
  • Your Choice of 4, 6 or 8 Jet Systems
  • Colour matching Jet Fittings
  • On/Off Air Switch


Note : Please specify pump and jet location

The Ultra Air System 

(Available on all drop-in tubs and certain skirted tubs)

Hydrotherapy enters a whole new era with the unique Ultra Air System. Engineered with hygiene as a first priority, this self-draining air injected bubbler system provides maximum therapeutic benefits, while maintaining an atmosphere of absolute cleanliness.

The Air System provides you with a gentle, overall massage. The massage effect is obtained by injecting warm air through the air jets and into the bathwater.


  • 1 HP hot air blower
  • Self-draining air jets (1/8” Flush holes on the bottom of the tub – no jets are visible)
  • Electronic touch pad control to adjust speed and pulsation (3 settings)

The secret behind the Altrek Whirlpool System:

You get a unique massage from the Whirlpool inlets. The secret is in the venturi design. Air is drawn into the venturi chamber, where it is mixed evenly with the water. This mixture is forced through the inlets, and rushed into your bath in a broad spiral pattern. What you feel is thousands of bubbles bouncing and bursting against your skin... Pure Pleasure!